2 Simple Ways to Get Ideas for YouTube Video Tags

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The 1st Way: 0:37

The 2nd Way: 2:50

Here is the link to the site I was referring to in the video: http://tools.seochat.com/tools/suggest-tool/#sthash.QbmsNjW8.dpbs

Hey all!

In this video, I show you the 2 ways I use to get good tag ideas for my YouTube videos.

The first way is pretty straightforward, but the 2nd way is something not everyone knows about but that can be really helpful.

Tags are kind of like keywords – they help YouTube determine what category to put your videos in so that people can find it easier.

By itself, tags won’t place your video on the very first spot on YouTube if everything else sucks – but it does definitely help.

The first way basically involves going through the ‘alphabet soup’ whereby you type in your related keywords into the YouTube search bar and see what comes up to gather ideas. So you would type in something like ‘your topic a’, then ‘your topic b’, etc… all through the rest of the alphabet to see what is searched up for a lot by YouTube viewers.

The site I use to make this process go by faster is pasted up above for you to use as well, where you would only need to type in your topic and all related ‘alphabet soup’ variations will be provided to you all at once, without needing to type them in on an individual basis.

The next way I use to gather some keyword tag ideas are by going to the highest-ranked videos of my topic and viewing page source. From here on, I look for the word ‘keywords’, and see all the tags listed right after – this gives me a good idea of what tags are used by the top-ranked video for this keyword on YouTube.

That’s it!

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