4 Social Media Tips For Small Business Success (live)

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In this video I break down my 4 social media tips and fundamentals for small business success.

These fundamentals pull from my experience meeting and consulting with hundreds of small business owners on their social media strategy.

1. Go “All-In” on one platform

As a small biz owner, can’t spread yourself too thin! Focus 90% of your time on the social media platform that will help you achieve business goals. I see many business owners trying to post on 3 or more platforms at once. Rarely are they having success through social media.

To do well on a platform, you have to post natively. Posting native kinda means like going to a county and speaking their language versus speaking your own. You have to speak the language of that platform. Hard to do when jumping back and forth between many!

2. Must have engagement

All social media platforms now have algorithms to determine which of our followers see what. If your posts don’t get engagement (aka Likes, Heats, Retweets, Thumbs ups, etc) then they will not show it to your followers.

Without engagement, you will see no success on social media. I say this because I see many biz owners posting every week with little engagement for months! Might as well stop because you are just turning your wheels.

How do you figure out how to get engagement?…

3. Follow the big players

Reverse engineer. On the platform you choose to go all in on, follow the accounts in your industry/niche that is getting engagement. What are there posts like? Video, pics? How long? What music? What captions? What hashtags?

Study, study, study their content. How can you R&D? Rob and duplicate (with your own voice and flavor)

4. Show love & build online relationships

I see many business owners simply make posts. With little interaction with their followers. They are leaving out the social component of social media!

Comment on their comments. Comment and Like on businesses with your similar customers. Just get social! When just starting out, this is as important as your posts because you have to build up good will for your followers to engage with your content.

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