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Jason Bleizeffer On The Keys To Success In Affiliate Marketing

Hello Jason Bleizeffer! Thank you for participating and sharing your experiences with affiliate marketing here at Success Networkers so people can learn more about your journey in digital marketing and find helpful ideas and inspiration in the process! Success Networkers is all about helping people succeed in gaining financial independence and achieving success in life. So we are happy to have you be the first in our new series of interviews with successful digital marketing professionals.

SN: How did you get into digital marketing and specifically affiliate marketing? What inspired you to do so?

affiliate marketing interview learn to be a success in affiliate marketing online
Offering a new course in affiliate marketing success.

JB: After working 13 years in a career that totally consumed my life I decided I needed to find a better way to earn an income and support my family. I had been exploring many different options including totally changing careers or finding some kind of online business. Then one day I ran across a Facebook ad about making money online. At this point I had no idea what affiliate marketing even was but I decided I would check it out. I signed up for a free webinar which eventually led to me purchasing a course on affiliate marketing.

SN: Fantastic! I had a similar experience and entry into affiliate marketing. I’m glad you had the opportunity to take a course on affiliate marketing when you started.


SN: What is the greatest lesson you remember that helped you when you first started?

JB: The greatest lesson I learned when I first started was to take action and stay focused. It’s so important do something every day to build your business. It doesn’t have to be something big but even if you can do one small task everyday you will keep that momentum going. Also, It’s easy to get excited about starting something and then get distracted or have that excitement wane. Writing down your goals and the next three steps you need to accomplish will help you stay focused and on track.

SN: How very true Jason. People, especially creatives and entrepreneurs fall prey to “shiny object syndrome” and move from project to project without focusing massive effort on one so that we are able create lasting paths to success. Writing down your goals and the next three steps is a great habit to have indeed!


SN: How did you make your first hundred dollars in affiliate marketing? How did it feel?

JB: I made my first $100 in affiliate marketing by promoting the One Funnel Away Challenge. I went through the very first challenge myself and was so impressed by the training that I couldn’t wait to tell everyone else about it. It felt amazing to finally make some money in my business but it felt even better knowing that I had helped someone potentially boost their business by signing up for this training.

SN: Having a training program to guide you through the basics of making money as an affiliate marketer is super helpful and important. Having that first check arrive or deposit to your bank account is trilling isn’t it!


SN: What is the one marketing software tool you rely on most today to run your business and why do you like it?

JB: The one marketing software tool I rely on the most for my business is Clickfunnels. It’s an amazing software that I use in all facets of my business. I use it to build funnels for all of my affiliate promotions, resource pages for my Facebook group and Instagram, I use it to send all of my emails and keep track of my contacts , and I also use it to create the members area for my course. I love the fact that I can do all of these tasks through one platform. Not only is the software great but the community involved with Clickfunnels is amazing as well.

SN: Nice! I’m sure your course will help people learn how to use Clickfunnels software to make money and a create a good steady income.


SN: What is the main offer or product you are currently selling and why do you sell it and not something else?

JB: The main product I promote right now is my course on how to start your own affiliate marketing business. Throughout the course I promote all of the software I use to run my business but the main product I am excited about promoting is Clickfunnels. Not only is Clickfunnels an excellent software to use in your business but they also offer one of the best affiliate programs is the business.

SN: Excellent! Here’s a link to your course so our readers can take a look and sign up to get started.


SN: Have you met anyone in the affiliate marketing industry that has helped you get started or be more successful and would you like to share a story about them or give them a shout out?

JB: This is a very long list of people. One of the great aspects of this business is the amazing community of people that are involved and working hard to accomplish their dreams. Not only are they working hard to accomplish their dreams but so many of them are more than willing to spend their valuable time helping others. I am extremely grateful for so many of the people I have met along my journey and all of the help they have provided me.

I would like to give a huge shout out to Big Marv (Marvin Coffman). He has graciously given me a ton of his time and guidance helping me plan out, put together, launch, and advertise my recent course I put together. If you want help launching and scaling an evergreen funnel he is definitely the man to talk to.

SN: Big Marv sounds like a great guy!  It’s an amazing feeling to pass alone what we learn and help others do well in life.  We should get into what an “evergreen funnel” is and how it works in another conversation soon.


SN: If you could advise anyone starting out in affiliate marketing and digital online marketing, what are three things you’d suggest they do or keep in mind when starting their new business?

JB: (answer below)

  • The first thing I would recommend is finding a niche or product that you are passionate about. You are going to be investing a significant amount of time an energy building your business, make sure it’s something you really enjoy.
  • The second thing I would recommend is finding a good mentor or course and formulating a good business plan that suits your strengths and interests. There are many different methods to build an online business, identify the methods you want to use and focus on those.
  • The third thing I would recommend is learning to be disciplined and focus on your plan. It’s so easy to get distracted with what we call the “shiny object syndrome”. There are so many great products and courses out there that you can end up jumping from one thing to another and never get anything done. Stay focused and consistent and you will be successful.

SN: Those are some of the best tips for success for affiliate marketing I’ve seen. Especially finding a good mentor or course and creating a plan for your success!


SN: What really excites you about being in business for yourself right now and why?

JB: There are so many great opportunities online right now and anyone with a computer and internet access can tap into them. I am excited that I have the opportunity to not only create extra income for my family but to build a business that can replace my income. I am also very excited to be able to help others create their own business.

SN: Having the freedom from the 9 to 5 grind is a very exciting and rewarding goal for most of us in the industry. Your desire to help others succeed is the mark of not only a good business person but a good human being! Thanks for your positive presence in the industry Jason.


SN: If you could meet anyone or a type of person out there who could either benefit from your services who would they be?

JB: I am most passionate about helping busy parents and professionals that want to start an online business. I can totally relate to these people because I am in that group myself. I work a very demanding day job that requires a lot of my time and I also have a family with two young boys that we are raising. It’s not easy juggling all of those different responsibilities while also starting an online business. If I can do this so can anyone else.

Thank you!

SN: Thank you Jason Bleizeffer! You’re one of the good guys and people looking to get into affiliate marketing and start creating their financial freedom should definitely sign up for your course if anything to get the benefit of working with such a terrific person. 


If you are an affiliate marketing or digital marketing professional and would like to be interviewed here on Success Networkers please write to us at joseph (-@-) successnetworkers (.com) and let us know more about your story!


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