Bitcoin And The Blockchain – What Are They? And How Will Cryptocurrencies Affect Online Businesses?

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Bitcoin is a massive buzz right now and the blockchain technology it runs on has every major corporation and industry scrambling to figure out how this will affect business…

As a digital entrepreneur, we may see the positive effects of this emerging technology more quickly than other businesses.

In this video I share the basics of what is Bitcoin from a simple and basic overview.

This is not designed to be a comprehensive or scientifically precise explanation, but more about helping you understand the general concepts and technologies that make up Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Really, the blockchain technology is quite mind-bending and what some businesses, startups and foundations are doing based on this blockchain technology is extremely exciting.

There are dozens of projects I’ve read about that use the Bitcoin or blockchain technology that I want to share about… But I need to make sure you understand what the core concept of the blockchain is first.

After you watch this video, please leave me a comment with your thoughts… Do you want more information on blockchain technologies? Do you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies?

Have you bought Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies before?

Let me know how I can help you navigate this emerging market and technology as I spend most of my free time not consumed by internet marketing and my business, geeking out on blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies!

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