Brian Tracy – Change your habits, change your life, (So Inspiring!)

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Brian Tracy – Change your habits, change your life, Find your purpose and Realize Potential, Ideas for Life, Create your life you desire.

I love Brian Tracy and his excellent common sense advice about business and life in general. It’s great to listen to and I often do so when I drive around town so I can help myself remember all of these gems he shares!  Actually driving while listening to self improvement and business audios is one of the gems of advice Brian shares.  Why waste that valuable time listening to negativity on the news or talk radio shows that do nothing by whine and complain?

We can succeed more in life if we keep learning and trying new things to improve our business, careers, relationships and ourselves.  It’s just setting the goals and being in touch with our deepest desires to create the life we want that helps us be persistent.

Our habits really do create our life. It’s our past habits that have brought us our current reality for good or bad.  And we can create new habits today to create a happier, healthier and wealthier tomorrow. You can!

Our thoughts become our emotions and that leads us to actions which repeated often enough turn into habits. So it’s important to feed our minds the healthiest most nutritious thoughts possible. Are you feeding your mind with the equivalent of junk food by watching screaming politics on the “news” or listening to it on the radio? Do you spend your time arguing with people on social media trying to convince them that you’re right?

You can make your life happier and healthier and most certainly wealthier by choosing your own focus in life and taking in the best ideas and information possible. Then just like with our physical health, after we’ve eaten some nutritious food it’s important to be active and exercise!  We do that by working on ourselves, and working on our business. Create new content to share with your customers that helps them every day.  Share something positive!


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