ClickFunnels: How to do A/B or Split Testing

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If you want some ideas for what to split test, I would recommend you check out 108 Proven Split Tests by Russell Brunson… I will do a review on that in an upcoming video, but you can also get the book here for free (except S&H) through my affiliate link:

How to setup split testing: 0:58

How to see the split testing data and additional tips & pointers: 2:22

What’s up?!

In this video, I wanted to show you how to setup split testing in ClickFunnels and how to gather and use the data you gather to declare the ‘winner’ of your split test.

This is a feature that is incredibly powerful and absolutely necessary to improve your conversion rates, and yet when I talk to a few of you, it seems like you don’t know that this feature exists, or you do not utilize it.

But unless your conversion rate is 100%, keep going and split testing! You can split test every page of your funnel this way – the optin page, order form page, OTO and downsell pages, so use it to your advantage!

There is no set time for when you should end your split test, but I like to go for a week or two and gather about 100 conversions per each variation. But you need to decide what is right for you and what you are comfortable with before declaring a variation as the winner.

You should also take a look at the confidence score ClickFunnels is providing you to be able to to determine how confident ClickFunnels is that your variation is outperforming the other. I like to have a score of at least 95% before declaring a winner, meaning that ClickFunnels is 95% confident that that particular variation will outperform the other.

There are tons of things you can split test, but I would recommend you take it one step at a time and test either a color change, image change, text change, etc… at one time to actually see what it is that is causing a higher conversion rate. If you make all those changes at once, you will not be able to know what it is that caused the higher conversion.

I changed at some point the color of my button with my first split test, and my conversion rate went up from 20% to 30% – so even small changes like that can make a big difference. After you declare the winner, keep going and running new split tests until you reach 100% conversion rate.

Keep in mind however, that if you split test things like ‘buy now’ versus ‘free trial’, obviously your conversion rate for the free trial should be much higher. In this case, don’t simply look at the difference in optin rates and declare the ‘free trial’ version the winner because of the higher conversion. Although the optin rate may be higher, the actual percentage of users BUYING may be lower – and that’s the most important metric. So when you are split testing things like this, always go to the backend and see whether the higher conversion rate of optins actually resulted in higher sales as well.

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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