Critical Self Talk

Critical Self Talk

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Louise Hay the wonderful author of Heal Yourself who shared so much value about the power of love and affirmations recently transitioned to the cosmic affirmation of oneness Bless her soul! I remember she would say not to “should on yourself” or anyone else. You tell yourself I “should” have said this or done that and feel bad, less than, worth less or others do around you. That’s not healthy or helpful.
Don’t should on yourself! 🙂
Cut yourself some slack. Be kind and gentle and loving and compassionate with yourself like you would your own child.
Hey that’s a good effort we can improve from here!
Try saying that.
Wow this was sure interesting I bet I can learn from this!
Or say something like this.
Ok well I’ve found another way not to make this work so I’m closer to finding a way that does!
Remember the story of Thomas Edison that said when asked how it felt to fail thousands of times in his attempt to invent the light bulb. He said he discovered thousands of ways not to make a light bulb and that got him closer to success.
Give yourself credit. You’re credit worthy!
Tell yourself ..Hey! Good effort! Making progress here! Then take another step and another step.
And when practicing self compassion you’ll start to see others in a more gentle accepting loving light too. You will. I do.
It helps to practice deep breathing. Take deep breaths. Pause!
Say okay I took my best swing and missed. There’s always another pitch, another at bat. And sometimes all we have to do is be patient until we get the walk and get on base. We get to first base and let another team member bat us home!
But everyone has bad at bats. Everyone trips and falls or fails and comes up short and could have given a better effort. It’s not a character flaw or thing to feel shame over. It’s called being human! So be kind to yourself. You’re a good person and you’re learning as are we all.
With thoughts of love and oneness for our dear beloved Louise Hay and all of you…
Joseph S.
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