DIY Sales Funnel – How To Set Up A Custom Email Address At Your Domain Via The Hosting Control Panel

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Trying to figure out how to setup a custom email address at your domain name through your hosting control panel? This video shows you how, step-by-step!

This video is a part of the larger DIY Sales Funnel Series you can find here:

The hosting I use and recommend is A2 hosting which is what we show in this video:

Now, I don’t know if I was specific enough about using a real name as your email address…

I started to add ‘info’ as the email address but there are benefits to having your name from both the subscriber side receiving your emails…

It feels more personal and helps you build the relationship faster.

But also it increases deliverability which is key.

After we get the email setup I show you how to configure the email account with your mail client whether that is Thunderbird, Outlook or Mac Mail.

Then I go on to show you how to tie the email account into your gmail account if you are a gmail user.

Finally, we go back into Aweber to get your email address setup so your autoresponder emails and your brodcast emails come from your custom email address!

If you want the full DIY sales funnel series in one location, grab it here:

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