General Motors Buys a Self-Driving Technology Startup

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Plus, Microsoft Ventures is launching an AI startup competition and there is a new Smart collar for dogs that will track your pup’s health!

General Motors has acquired Strobe, a 3-year-old startup advancing the development of driverless technology. GM’s self-driving car startup, Cruise, will now get its laser imaging technology from Strobe. Strobe’s patents will play a huge role in helping GM push out self-driving cars in the near future!

Microsoft Ventures has announced their new AI startup competition! Microsoft partnered up with Madrona Ventures, Vertex Ventures, and Notion Capital to find early-stage AI startups! They are looking in North America, Europe, and Israel for startups to battle in a pitch competition next year! They are giving $1 million in funding to one winning startup per region.

Pet lovers, rejoice! Waggit created a smart collar for dogs that will now track your pet’s health! This smart collar tracks your pup’s baseline health like body temperature and also notices changes in vitals and other factors that could indicate if something was wrong with your furry friend. It retails for $249 dollars.

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