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What is an experiment campaign?: 0:22

How to setup an experiment campaign: 1:47

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to create an experiment campaign in Google AdWords. This is basically a ‘split testing’ feature that allows you to split test different campaign settings and then make corresponding changes to your campaign as you see fit based on the results.

You may be wondering why can’t you just copy and paste your existing campaign and then make the changes there to ‘split test’?

Well, the reason why that won’t work is because you will then be using the exact same keywords and thus outbidding yourself on your own keywords, increasing your own costs for ads… If you want to split test different keywords, you can simply create new ad groups and make changes from there, so if that’s your goal, you do NOT need to use a draft and/or duplicate entire campaigns.

I used this feature to test out the different bidding methods, such as CPA bidding, maximize clicks, or manual CPC bidding, but you can test out whatever you want, such as location, device, or times your ads are shown.

You would simply need to click on the ‘drafts’ button right next to the date under the ad of the campaign you want to test and create new.

You would then make any changes you want on the settings tab of the new experiment and then click on ‘apply’ when you’re done to either apply the changes directly to your campaign, or create an ‘experiment’. Of course you would probably want to create an experiment, since if you just wanted to apply the changes to the campaign you could have simply done them on the campaign level.

After you do this, you should be able to see the statistics at the top of the experimental campaign you have set up, including impressions, clicks and conversions the experiment has gained in comparison with the control.

Super useful tool when split testing not only your landing pages, but the campaigns as well!

That’s it!

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