How to Achieve Growth as a Startup – David Arnoux on Growth Hacking – Young Creators Summit 2016

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At the Young Creators Summit 2016 in Amsterdam, David Arnoux gives a crash course on Growth Hacking. Co-founder of Growth Tribe in Amsterdam.

At the Growth Tribe Academy they put together growth teams of three: a creative, an analytical person and a marketeer. The growth teams are placed in a high growth startup, to make it grow even quicker.

In this video David Arnoux explains what Growth Hacking is and why it is more about a mindset, than anything else.

There are various ways you can hack growth. When is something smart and when is something sneaky? Ethics in growth hacking are discussed by David and illustrated by examples from Paypal, Udemy, Salesforce and many other successful companies.

This Talk is part of the Young Creators Summit 2016, at B.Amsterdam

Want to find out more about Growth Tribe? go to:

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