How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Paid Facebook Advertising, *HINT* Don’t Use Direct Links

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Getting Banned or can’t Get you Ads APPROVED ON Facebook? Im going to show you..

How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Paid Facebook Advertising

In this Video Im going to show you The exact Building Structure and Funnel I use to Market CPA offers on Facebook everyday.

Affiliate Marketing doesn’t have to be HARD … the main thing people don’t understand is that Advertising on FB takes time and there is a Learning curve involved with Affiliate marketing in Facebook …

Build a Relationship
Build a Bridge
Build a List

you need to build a relationship with Facebook and Your Audience. Trying to skip ahead to the “Lovin’” Ain’t cool and will probably result in you being banned.

Direct linking people to an affiliate offer pisses the audience and Facebook off and is a recipe for disaster. Its a NEWBIE mistake and I played that game and luckily I never got banned and you don’t have to because Im giving you the heads up right now.

The game you have to play with google and Facebook is the same for whatever you are marketing. You need to provide value with your ads and cultivate a relationship with your prospects.

In the end you get a better lead anyways and you can continue to send them offers if you treat them right. So start that email list and deliver value bombs and then send your offers..

Super affiliates use this same building process and now you have the power Too! This is also Affiliate Marketing For Beginners.

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