How to END financial self-sabotage | Inspirational!

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How to END financial self-sabotage | Inspirational!

This is a very powerful and important video by Tony Robbins for anyone interested in creating sustainable success and yes, happiness in life. It’s important to understand how our conscious and subconscious mind relates to money and having money.

Our brain works by association Tony reminds us. We must change some of our core beliefs so earning money is linked to a positive pleasurable experience and not to pain or our subconscious will sabotage us every day.

How can we condition ourselves and create the beliefs about money that allows our subconscious to welcome being in more abundance?

Tony Robbins describes a way of creating a habit that manifests as personal discipline about wealth and success.  He describes wealth as leverage which gives us the ability to have experiences we choose to have. Think about that!  We have much more wealth than we think about and understanding this we could create a new set-point or mindset that we are truly wealthy especially compared to many in the rest of the world!

Like attracts like Tony reminds us. What we hold in our minds for most of the time is what we tend to create and expand in our lives.

So how can we redefine wealth to be a positive blessing that empowers us to be our best selves and create more goodness for ourselves, our families, communities and the world?

Tony describes being able to make things work because he pursued them. He believed he was empowered to succeed.

Trying to simply work harder will not achieve our goals of success if we lack the core belief system about the goodness of the goals and prosperity we desire! He says without our core belief systems aligning with our goals if we push and push and work harder it’s like pushing against a rubber band and right before we get to the goal bam! The tension from our beliefs snaps us back to our status quo setpoint of where we started. This is why people who win the lottery often end up broke inside of one or two years from winning.

“The only way to break through is to get rid of the rubber bands” ~Tony Robbins.

Beliefs are a feelings of certainty about what something means he says. I totally agree. How do we create this feeling of certainty? Well one way is to identify pain with the status quo, and we all know how painful our habits can be. Another is to create an association of pleasure to what we want to become, to do and achieve.

So how do we shift our beliefs about money and success?

  1. Write down all the pain you have in your life right now because you don’t have the level of abundance you truly deserve! Describe the feelings you have about what you’re missing out on because you lack the financial abundance.
  2.  What do you think of when you hear or think of the idea of money? Write everything you can think of that comes up in the first one minute you imagine and think about money.
  3. What are all the things you remember your parents saying about money? Take two minutes and write as many of those memories as you can recall.
  4.  How would your life be greater and better right now if all of your financial issues improved today? Write it down.


Tony describes a strategy to link real pain to not doing what you want and deep pleasure to what you want.

He says you can take your old views that don’t serve you and rewrite them as something more positive that does serve you! Rewrite your old negative heavy unhelpful beliefs as ones that trigger a new positive empowering belief.  He suggests ridiculing our untrue unhelpful old beliefs to destroy them. Sounds very powerful. Let’s do this!

To become wealthy:
Live every day embracing the attitude of gratitude! Like attracts like. See the possibility of abundance in all you do and experience. 

Learn to consistently focus on how to give more to others than you expect yourself.  The returns for what we give are on their way. It’s on its way. So trust this and believe it.

  1. Decide exactly what you want financially to have an avalanche of abundance! Work to attach that abundance to a core positive value you hold.
  2. Daily condition your mind for wealth. Habitually look for opportunities to increase your income. Affirmations combined with positive emotional energy and feeling help condition your mind to expect to see and experience the abundance you envision. 
  3. Here’s Tony’s affirmation for abundance. You can replace “God” with your Higher Power however you see it.
    “God’s wealth is circulating in my life. His wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs, desires and goals are fulfilled instantaneously. For I am one with God and God is everything!”  He would say this with all the energy and intensity he could generate.  Try it! No… just do it!
  4. Get some role models.  Sit down and write down what it is you love to do most in the world. Make sure you do it so  you create the most value possible for people.  How can you do it in a way that people would pay you for it. How can you do it massively so you can reach more people with it.
  5. Make sure on an ongoing basis you experience yourself as a giver. You must believe in your heart and soul that you deserve the abundance you get. Be a good person who gives more than you expect back.
  6. Create experiences with money that create tremendous experiences of joy and pleasure for yourself and others. Associating happiness with having and sharing abundance is very important.


Now write down three ideas for making money.  Do this now. It could be anything! Make a list. It only takes one good one. Do this for ten days and you’ll have thirty ideas.  Also you’ll help create a habit of looking for and being aware of financial opportunity. What we look for is often what we find. 




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