How to Have a Successful Morning – Why the First Moments of the Day are SO Important

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What’s the first thing you think about after waking up?
How do you feel once you’ve stumbled out of bed?
What’s the first word you say to yourself when in front of the mirror?

In the midst of slumber and sleep deprived eyes, we often fail to realize how important the first moments of the day really are. They have huge consequences on the rest of the day. This video reveals some insight into why this is so.

Even if the effects are temporary and you’ll feel completely differently within a few hours, they still have a huge impact on what you accomplish with your day.

Everything you think and do follows momentum.
So, the first moments of your day are extremely important. Not only for avoiding getting into a rut of negative self-loathing, but also for priming your brain to be the way you want it to be right when you wake up.

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