How To Stay Ahead Of The Facebook Advertising Game Even With FB’s Changes & New Advertising Options!

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Whether you are new to Facebook Advertising or a Facebook Ad vet, the rate of change and speed of new technology for running Facebook Ads changes fast. Here is how I’m keeping up and how you can too!

Don’t get left out in this Facebook advertising gold rush! There is nothing like this platform and a strategic investment in your education mixed with implementation can completely change your business and your life!

Personally, I’m most excited about two types of new Facebook advertising products that I have not been implementing for my online business yet.

First, Facebook messenger ads. Second, Facebook live advertising…

Now Facebook messenger ads are very new and may be the future of Facebook advertising…

The ad allows you to begin a conversation with an individual interested in your lead magnet or products directly inside of Facebook chat or their Messenger app… Very powerful because it puts you on the ‘friends’ level since that is usually who people chat with in Facebook.

To make this new ad strategy even more powerful, you are able to automate the conversation using a Facebook chat bot that will answer common questions and ‘warm up’ the prospect to the idea of your lead magnet or product.

This is literally harnessing the power of AI for your Facebook advertising campaign and this facebook advertising course goes in depth on how to set up these ads and the facebook messenger chat bot to automate the process of advertising to and building relationships with your audience through Facebook messenger.

Seriously? My mind is blown by how far this technology has come in a few months and there are so few advertisers on Facebook taking advantage of this, that you can easily and quickly get an edge in your business with your strategy.

Second is using Facebook live videos as advertisements… Now this is something my wife and I have been dabbling with recently and are excited to pursue more because Facebook is working to transition itself into a major player in the online video and live broadcasting space.

Right now, Facebook live posts are receiving priority in Facebook’s algorithm. This is how my wife and I have been using Facebook live so far, is to gain organic reach.

But, when you present content and even marketing messages effectively, you are able to re-create a webinar like or even video sales letter experience for your users, right there inside of Facebook.

This removes the friction of getting the user to click off to your website and change their user behavior. You are literally able to send warm traffic directly from Facebook lives to checkout pages if you’d like, which is HUGE!

Then, after you get that expanded reach from Facebook by going live, you are able to amplify your reach through running Facebook live ads.

Whether you integrate this to a retargeting pixel so people who didn’t watch your whole sales presentation get a ‘Facebook live’ version…

Or whether you are leveraging Facebook live to focus on individuals in your audience who are not yet on your list, giving them an experience with your content, your teaching and offering them a freebie via your lead magnet… These strategies are powerful!

Beyond those two main segments of Facebook advertising that are new to me and worthy of study… This course offers so much more that I cover in depth in the video.

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