Imperfect Action – Being A Perfectionist Is Killing Your Growth! Imperfect Action Is The Solution

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Curious what the difference between successful and unsuccessful people are? This one trait is the most common success trait for online business owners and Internet entrepreneurs.

The hesitation to put out work product that isn’t perfect is the enemy to growing a business online.

Your willingness to take imperfect action is key to helping you grow into a successful entrepreneur.

In this video I cover several real-world examples of how imperfect action often leads to amazingly positive results. Both in my business and my wife’s business… But also in some real-world examples outside the world of online business.

This truth is more than just a marketing truth or a proven business philosophy. This is true in every aspect of life and winners get this… Losers don’t.

In my example of the airplanes and the rockets being off course for 99% of the time, here is the source of that information… A Brian Tracy-based idea that I’ve integrated :

The science of personal achievement is quite simple. But most people make it feel like more work and more is required. When you are comfortable with the fact that simply taking action, weather is perfect or imperfect… And continuing to take said action day in and day out, year in and year out… That is the ultimate path to success.

Your path will continue to appear for you over time. And what you initially think is going to be your successful direction, often turns out to be just a starting point in the business that you achieve success with is usually different than what you start.

This has been true in both my wife’s business and my business… And I’ve spoken with so many other entrepreneurs who believe the same truth!

So if you haven’t already started taking imperfect action, now is your time!

I recommend doing a 90 day challenge where you create one piece of content and publish it every day for 90 days… It doesn’t matter if this is a video on YouTube, a post on your WordPress blog, or a podcast episode.

Find the media that is most fun and easiest for you to produce content on… Start there!

You will adapt, the business model will change, and as long as you continue taking imperfect action forward… You will achieve success!

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