New! Facebook Insights To Go Tool – What it is & how to use this Facebook advertising insights tool

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How to use the Facebook Insights To Go tool from the Facebook IQ system explained. Understand how to leverage this insights tool as a Facebook advertiser to increase engagement and conversions fast!

If you have not yet gone through the Facebook audience insights tool tutorial, watch that video next:

Facebook’s goal with this tool is to offer you deeper insights into the audiences your advertising to. They will share information about hashtags, age, gender and additional statistics based on the data they have gathered on every Facebook user.

You are able to sort through these insights from Facebook based on the individual, their gender, the niche, their location, and more.

This is a great example of Facebook giving you additional tools to help you become a better Facebook advertiser.

The challenge is that you must synthesize the information they’re offering you here, and understand how it relates to you, your funnels and your advertising campaigns.

This is not simply copy and paste or swipe and deploy information about your customer avatar.

You must analyze the information and the insights you receive from this Facebook insights to go tool, on your own. Understanding how to take action with your campaigns and marketing on Facebook in a way that will leverage these insights is how you gain an edge against your Facebook advertising competitors.

For customer research and market research Facebook’s audience insights tools are some of the most powerful research tools ever offered to advertisers. Don’t let the simplicity of this insights tool for you… It is an incredibly powerful tool to help you become a better advertiser as long as you put in the time to mind through the data to find the gems that are truly applicable to your audience.

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