Oprah Winfrey – How To Be Successful In Life Part 2 + HES Motivation NEVER STOP GRINDING

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Inspirational, Motivational, entertaining and educational purposes.

Thank you, Oprah Winfrey and HES Motivation, for making this video possible. My mission is to spread your words so that people can understand the value of living with passion.

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-This video does not have any negative impact on the first works (it’d perhaps be favorable for them)
-This video is also for teaching/instruction functions.
-It’s transformative in nature in a way that is positive.
-I just used pieces and bits of videos across where necessary without giving away the essential assumptions of the pictures so individuals will not have to view it or lease it to get the point.
iSharePassion doesn’t possess the rights to these video clips. Fair use has them repurposed with the aim of inspiring and teaching others. But if any content owners would enjoy their pictures removed, please contact us by e-mail at isharepassion@gmail.com.
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I also don’t want to use the heart of any piece if anything I expect to boost the content that individuals can reach out and later raise the market value of the work that would possibly reduce the market value of the initial content.

These videos are to train individuals in an amusing way. Given these are videos that are quite brief act as a trigger to additional reading.

A motivational/ inspirational video that can get you out of your seat and into actions.

Motivation is a psychological feature that generates and gets an organism to behave towards a desirable target, commands, and keeps up specific goal-directed behaviours. It can be considered a driving force; a mental one that strengthens or compels an activity toward the desired target. For instance, hunger is a motivation that evokes a desire. Motivation is the emotional or goal cause of activity.

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