Should You Sub for Sub on Your YouTube Channel (My Personal Experience)?

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Hey all!

In this video, I share with you my personal case study of whether or not you should use the sub for sub services offered online on your YouTube channel.

For those of you that don’t know, a sub for sub is basically when you subscribe to other people’s channels and then you get subscriptions back to yours.

Seems like an awesome deal right?

Seems like you can just ‘grind’ your way to millions of subscribers, right?

Well, in this video, I show you that that’s not the case at all.

You actually stand to gain nothing by participating in these exchanges, since as I show you from my experience, you will just lose all of your fake subscribers eventually.

For me, I was stuck at around 85 subscribers for a few months since I kept on losing subscribers (losing the ones that subscribed to my channel after I subbed to theirs).

So I would really recommend to just build a channel for the long term rather than short term and thus build out your subscribers the normal way rather than earn some quick ones and then lose them soon thereafter.

Same applies to view-for-view or like-for-like – you get some short term benefits, but it makes no sense for the long term.

In addition, you will break the trust barrier between yourself and your subscribers as people will start wondering how you suddenly jumped so high in either the like, view, or subscriber count in such a short time period – I’ve seen some comments of that exact nature.

So find something you really like and feel like sharing with the world and make your numbers that way, rather than making a channel solely for the purpose of getting some quick subs, because as you saw, the results aren’t that promising.

That’s it!

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