Startup Grind Vilnius hosts TRINITI

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Startup Grind Vilnius invites you to meet the managing partner of the law firm TRINITI – Linas Sabaliauskas. Linas Sabaliauskas will be with us to discuss all the legal investment attraction aspects & give some advices what to do and what not to.
Linas Sabaliauskas has gained substantial expertise in start-ups and venture capital advising start-ups, accelerators and funds on investment structuring in the form of SAFE, convertible bonds, loans, notes and preferred equity, start-up flips into UK and US, stock options and ESOPs, conversion of convertible bonds into shares and other complex VC issues. Linas is proud to have advised such well-known start-ups as TransferGo, Trafi, Oberlo, Spark, Millo, Wowtto, and many others.
Moderator Mykolas Lepeska – the co-founder and the board member of professional diaspora network Global Lithuanian Leaders (GLL), with more than 15 years of consulting and industry expertise in all areas of innovations management, multiple startups founder & currently turned foodpreneur with Kuno kultura.

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