Startup Grind Yerevan Hosts Armine Saidi (WiCastr)

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Armenian/Persian born and raised in French Canada, Montreal, Armine is a non-techie in a geek tech world. Armine loves talking to real users, understanding their needs, designing products that make their lives better, and building technology to bring these products to life. Armine is a natural, inspirational and visionary leader, skilled and seasoned at aligning the development of market leading products, establishing a vibrant culture and creating winning marketing strategies. Industry sector expertise includes Internet, eCommerce, New Media, Affiliate and Loyalty Programs, and the Music industry.

Key functional expertise includes strategy, general management, business development and sales management, product strategy and orientation, corporate development, marketing, and change management.

Armine has held management level positions in cutting edge technology and media firms, where he has gained valuable experience in driving brands through both offline and online ventures. His passion for technology, social media and music, combined with his keen business knowledge, enables him to successfully deploy products and services for a wide array of businesses.

Armine was the founder of Neken Inc., a creative web marketing and technology agency based in Montreal. He is also the founder & CEO of, an eCommerce music and video platform chosen as one of the Top 10 most innovative music start-ups in 2010.

And most recently, he is the visionary lead and co-founder of WICASTR, a company that has built a Smart Wireless Platform, a platform that facilitates the creation of wireless networks and content distribution everywhere. No IT skills needed. The goal of WICASTR is to make it easy for anyone, with or without skills, to bring connectivity or access to content anywhere. Our vision and purpose is to simply Connect the World.

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