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What is the success mindflow?


How to change your mindset to create more success

What is success? Some might say that success is the freedom to live our lives to the fullest in the best way we ourselves see fit.  Other’s might believe success is having more money than one needs or enough money to do what one wants to do in life. Myself I think success is having good health including healthy relationships with people and a fulfilling meaningful life doing things that matter to me in ways I enjoy.

Let’s start with answering another important question, the question of what is meant by a “mindset”. Plainly speaking, it is the way you look at life and the events that you encounter every day. What’s your perspective on life? Do you see life as an endless battle to get ahead of others or do you see it as an opportunity to grow healthier, happier and wealthier in really meaningful ways? It is essentially your choice in the end. The way you face your day, the way you face your difficulties is as or more important than the things you achieve or “fail” at as a business person and just as a human being.

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A success mindset might be said to be a way of looking at life that gives you a good way to achieve your goals be they in business or just life in general.  For example, if we look at setbacks as data points that we can learn from, adapt to and as a result grow better from then it’s quite a bit more empowering than seeing them as signs of bad luck or a world pitted against us.

So the success or growth mindset would see a problem that happens and respond by thinking to oneself something like “how can I learn from this?” or “where’s the opportunity for me in this problem?”  While what’s known as a fixed mindset which most of us have learned to have might respond to a problem with thoughts like “why does this always happen to me” or “nothing I do ever works out”.

The first approach to thinking about problems tells us that we have the power to make the best of things no matter what happens to us if we keep working at it. The later mindset that many or most people have tells us that we are victims and somehow the world or fate is conspiring against us. We can’t grow if we think our fate is fixed. We want to grow if we want to succeed and be healthy, happy and prosperous in life!

The growth mindset is another way of describing the idea of learning from our efforts including our failures or setbacks.  If we ask ourselves what we can learn from our problems it takes us out of the victim mentality which prevents us from moving forward in life.  Making smarter and wiser efforts in everything we do should be considered our goal. As entrepreneurs we are risk takers by nature and every business person experiences failures. What we do when this happens however is often the difference between those who create massive successes and those who do not.

The success mindset redefines success not as the approval of others or the accumulation of money and things but the rewards coming from a life well lived engaged in meaningful pursuits to create new value in the world. It’s not about growth for growth sake or creating a startup for the purpose of some big exit strategy to cash out with.  Not if we want to be happy and healthy.

Success comes from effort, creativity, patience, persistence, cooperation, learning from our experiences and a bit of luck as well.  Most of us would agree effort is a key component of success. If we keep putting out our best effort and creating services or products that provide value and solutions for people in need eventually that will be rewarded with financial prosperity and abundance. So it’s important to see oneself as engaged in a lifestyle of creating value and putting it out into the world for more and more people to benefit from. The more value we generate out there the more income and other rewards we experience.

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