Tatiana Ondrejková (Pelikan.sk) at Startup Grind Bratislava

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Tatiana Ondrejkova is an Executive Director and co-owner of Pelikan.sk, the largest airline ticket vendor in the Slovak Republic, which was established in 2004 as the first online ticket, accommodation, travel insurance and multi-products vendor. The company currently has 70 employees, which operates in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria, and plans to expand to other countries soon.

Tatiana has been an entrepreneur since 2004. She started as a tradesman in a rented office and she gradually built up a successful travel agency, called Pelikan.sk. In 2006, Tatiana Ondrejkova won the first position in the category Starting Entrepreneur in a competition organized by National Agency for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. And in 2009 Tatiana was awarded by Ernst & Young as a start-up entrepreneur. Tatiana’s future is in internet services and other business activities as directed by the online environment. Her name is associated with successful e-shops with lingerie, shoes and accessories from Saxana.sk, Manpark.sk and Topankovo.sk.

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