The 5 things you need to do not to fail at affiliate marketing!

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A person recently asked why so many try to become affiliate marketers and give up or fail. Here’s an answer based on my own experiences over the years. I think on the one hand being an affiliate marketer is a skill that takes practice, and trial and error, it takes perseverance and persistence like any skill development does. You need to put in the hours and work and learn

It also helps to have a good/great coach or trainer and partner or team. There’s another element I’ve seen that’s crucial and that is working on the hidden obstacles in our mind that sabotage us and keep us from doing the things we want to and need to do. It’s often referred to as “mindset”, or how we view ourselves and life. Many people feel a resistance to change and success especially when they get close to it. It helps to have faith or belief in yourself and your being worthy of the success you want to achieve. It helps not to compare your beginning to other people’s successes who are years ahead of you or who are on different paths entirely. You need to practice seeing yourself as a person of value in order to value yourself enough to allow yourself to get out of your own way and let yourself have the success you want to have.

You need to practice seeing yourself as a person of value in order to value yourself enough to allow yourself to get out of your own way and let yourself have the success you want to have.

You can read a multitude of self-help books about how to have confidence and achieve success, they’ll help you and I suggest you read at least one great book a month! But, our minds think between 70,000 and 90,000 thoughts every day most of which are the same thoughts we think every day and many tend to be negative. These thought habits or patterns stem from our early childhood years when we formed an opinion about who we are and what life is about. We listened to angry frustrated parents or teachers telling us we are never going to amount to anything or telling us we’re not good enough and these thoughts and feelings take root in our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind sits below what we are consciously aware of.  This is a large part of the reason we sabotage our own success without really knowing why.

About 25 years ago my brother ran a group called Entrepreneurs Network International. We had in person startup business mastermind gatherings where experts in business would come speak to the members and a panel of professionals would offer individualized advice to them.

What we found was almost nobody was using the advice and taking the steps required to succeed.  The experts shared priceless gems of business wisdom and expertise with the members,and told them the next steps they needed to take. We asked one member if he had done the next step and he just looked down and shuffled his feet in frustration and self shame.

It was as if had we said,”See that door over there ten feet across the room? If you walk through it you will have all your dreams,” not only would they not walk through the door, they wouldn’t even get very close.

We found this was because people were afraid of either success or failure but mostly of change. The subconscious mind wants to keep us “safe” so it makes us fear change. We see ourselves as 9 to 5 workers or making $35,000 dollars a year and we have a type of thermostat in our mind that will work to keep us at the same level which it sees as safe.  You start to approach the five yard line of your success plan and suddenly a voice inside you says hey, what’s new in the Facebook groups? Or it says why not play a game or watch TV.

We have to see ourselves with love to free ourselves! We have to be ourselves to free ourselves!

We have to see ourselves with love to free ourselves! We have to be ourselves to free ourselves! We have to work daily to overcome our own inner critical self and see ourselves as people of real value and worth, people who can make a difference in other people’s lives and help them so that we can get out of our own way and be who we really are! Each of us has something of value to share with the world. You have your story, and nobody else has it! But it’s not yours to keep to yourself. When you share your life lessons and story with the world you will help others and they will be appreciative and through the art of affiliate marketing they will pay you money!

This program Affirmations And Incantations For Happiness is an excellent tool for creating a daily habit of building new positive self-talk to overcome your own negativity and doubt. Click the link atop the page to get the free daily affirmations and experience how it helps you shift your mindset to a positive one that helps you succeed as a business person.

We have to build self-confidence, have a mentor, a coach, a partner and be around the success we desire until we see ourselves like the person we want to be, until we feel it and do it. And people, myself included, tend to spend 80% or more of their time consuming content on the Internet rather than creating it. The content creators make money, the consumers spend it. Our focus is our currency. What suggestions would you give a person to help them build a successful affiliate marketing business?

What are the 5 things you need to do not to fail?

  1. Invest in your success! Take a good course or two in affiliate marketing and learn the fundamentals of success.
    Here are a couple excellent places to start getting the fundamentals in becoming a successful affiliate marketer:
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    ***********************A) Take marketing expert John Crestani’s free webinar in affiliate marketing. This guy is crushing it. You can too!B) Register for and watch the Online Marketing Classroom webinar . 
    Here are a few things they covered in this webinar:
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    – How their students have collectively used this model to make TENS of millions of dollars.
    B) Download this free book. learn methods for tapping into Amazon for income.
    C) Take this Online Marketing Class and get tools, scripts, videos and group support to succeed.

    There are of course other courses you can take on affiliate marketing. But the main thing is that you commit to your success, make a plan, get the tools you need, learn fundamentals and make daily progress. Take action towards your business success every day no matter what. You have to show up to win! Don’t get down or hard on yourself, this takes time and effort.



  2. This step is HUGE!!! Make a daily practice of putting what you learn to work for you! Write a new blog post each day reviewing something you’re promoting for example. Get a Youtube channel and review products or services you like and trust and use yourself! Do Facebook Live’s sharing personal stories about your life and how you’ve overcome difficulties and what tools and books you like and that have helped or are helping you now.  Think in terms of answering questions for the people you serve! Then create content every day that does that. For example in this article I asked myself if I was interested in making more money through affiliate marketing every month what are things I can do to reduce my chances of failure? If you want to find out what people are asking for help with through various search engines so you can write articles or produce videos to answer those questions try using the tool Answer The Public. Just put in your keyword like “lose weight” for example and it will show you lists of all the questions people ask about losing weight when searching for help.  That’s step one. Now you can write your own articles that are helpful and informative and full of answers so Google will love and appreciate you and rank your site higher so people can find it.
  3. Create a positive mindset! Use positive affirmations (positive self-talk) to create an inner ally where once there was an inner critic. You’d be surprised how much we get in our own way every single day! Self confidence is vitally important to succeed as an affiliate marketer or in any online business. Positive self-talk is a key tool to your success. Use it daily! Hourly!
  4. Find a partner or team to work with to create content and to be there when each of you needs help and encouragement. Check sites like to see if they have a local business or marketing group in your area and go! Add value, be supportive and positive. Make friends!  Or ask people you meet online to become part of your online support group, set goals together, encourage each other. Wherever you go be it in person or online, be the person who high fives people on their progress and encourages them. Don’t ever argue with or criticize people, it brings your energies down and interrupts the positive flow of prosperity in your life. Take a deep breath and let it go! You’re the positive one now. The energies you put out in the world expand exponentially and you harvest what you plant. So plant seeds of kindness, helpfulness and prosperity!
  5. Time creating content is an investment, time spent by you consuming content like reading Facebook posts is very often an expense. It is expensive because it has an “opportunity cost” you pay when you don’t spend that time creating content to help people and therefore make more money for yourself!
    Affiliate marketing is like every other business, its all about your creating value that people need, want and therefore will pay you for.  You can’t do that if you’re spending all your time watching videos or typing in groups. Commit to using 80% of your time creating content and or advertising opportunities and 20% of your time studying and using social media. This is also very important. Be mindful of how much time you spend consuming content versus creating it.

Over time if and when you take steady steps each day towards your goal of creating a sustainable residual income from your affiliate marketing you will begin to accrue results and make money. Your efforts will build one on the next like earning compound interest on your money in a bank! If you have any questions about affiliate marketing and online business please leave a comment below!


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