The Secret To Creating Facebook Ads That Convert And Give You A High Relevance Score

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Are you struggling to create ads convert and drive engagement?

Think you are paying too much for your Facebook ads?

Ok so you need to focus on writing ads that get you a high relevance score on FB, Thats how you win the Auction.

Facebook is then going to give you the highest quality traffic which which will probably convert better.

In this video I am going to reveal the secret the pro’s use to writing Facebook ads that get you high relevance score and eventually ads that convert.

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So short copy is cool but, you are missing on the biggest opportunity to convert.

If you list features and benefits in your ads, you are on some old school stuff…

People buy results and outcome with emotion…

Long copy ads have been the bread and butter for direct response marketers since the early 1600’s (Think Sears)

So now that we know Long Copy is the way to go, what she we write about? Well here is what the pros do to boost the engagement get a response from Facebook Ads…

Story Telling! Or Story Selling! What the do in TV shows, movies, and books is called the Heroes Journey and its what your audience is used to experiencing

This is the SECRET SAUCE to writing kickass Facebook advertisements! Write stories that follow the basic hero’s journey as described by Joseph Campbell…

I get serious engagement when I tell stories and has massively increased the profitability in my facebook advertising and also generated massive increases in responses and engagement on my facebook ads!

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