The Traction Book: 5 Steps To Traction & Business Growth – by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

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Watch for free: Customer Getting Presentation with Justin Mares the Co-Author of the Traction Book. Learn how to use the 5 step Bullseye framework to pinpoint the exact channels that will give you the traction you need to grow your business. Hit “Show More” for clickable bookmarks

Presentation Highlights (Click The Time Codes To Instantly Jump to the video location):

4:20 – Find out how many traction channel are available for you as a start up founder or marketer. You’ll get a url to see the full list
6:05 – One big mistake you are making that’s causing you to fail in your marketing efforts. Understand and fix this mistake and instantly get ahead of your competition.
9:00 – Discover how to tell if you are biased towards a particular channel and why this is deadly to your success.
9:50 – Don’t get depressed about what this contrarian Billionaire Silicon Valley Investor says about why most startups fail to get traction
10:23 – Introducing the BullsEye Framework
10:40 – Step 1 of the BullsEye Framework
11:31 – Step 2 of the BullsEye Framework
12:30 – Step 3 of the BullsEye Framework
13:31 – Step 4 of the BullsEye Framework
14:00 – Step 5 of the BullsEye Framework
15:35 – Make this mistake, and this top VC Firm will pass on investing in your startup even if they love your idea.
17:27 – Here’s how to not waste time doing thing that don’t produce meaningful traction
19:20 – One way to ensure you launch your product to a receptive audience that’s ready to buy your product or service
20:22 – Important Startup Advice from Paul Graham founder of YCombinator
20:44 – This is weird
20:56 – The Q&A
23:01 – Justin helps a listener with strategies with getting the first initial sales and customers and why this is not a traction problem
26:08 – Nana asks Justin about companies generating and paying attention to the wrong type of traction
28:37 – What are some tools and service for attribution tracking and engagement?
32:14 – Here’s Justin’s take of if it’s possible to have too much traction during the growth phase
35:00 – Some thoughts on Oscar Health Insurance and how they’ve gained massive traction and the importance of brand building
36:26 – How to get Justin’s step by step instruction on testing traction channels with 3 free chapters of the Traction Book
37:38 – Is there a way to determine how to figure out if a traction channel is big enough to move the needle?
41:10 – Ways to explore different acquisition channels with a tip on two new channels worth testing.
42:49 – How many users do you need to get attention from VCs
47:35 – Updated Special offer for 2016 & 2017 Get A Free Copy of the Traction Book shipped to you when you signup for a Prosper202 Marketing Cloud Account (Simply contact Nana via live chat support once you sign up)

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