*UPDATED 2018* DIY Sales Funnel Setting Up and Configuring Mautic with 1 Click For Our Funnel Hack

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Feel like Click Funnels is overpriced?

looking for a DIY sales funnel solution that is easy to set up? need an alternative for Clickfunnels?

This video I will be Setting Up and Configuring Mautic to show you how to set up a sales funnel that professional internet marketers are using instead of clickfunnels…

This is a powerful series of how-to videos that shows you exactly how to build your own sales funnel on a self-hosted AWS S3 BUCKET or AWS EC2 LAMP INSTALL and Mautic platform within a little over an hour..

If you follow the process in this video series by the end of the you will have functional sales funnel built.

I focus on creating an affiliate marketing funnel for simplicity and the sake of time. You can easily use this training to create an information product funnel, physical product funnel, free plus shipping funnel, membership funnel.

You can also add on a shopping cart and a one-time-offer page which I will cover in detail in a future video.

Ill show you how to create the sales funnel pages and integrate it with your email autoresponder. There are too many overpriced funnel building software applications claiming that the only way to build a sales funnel is with their software.

This is a STRAIGHT OUT LIE. The bigger problem may be that they’re paying affiliates 40% which equals thousands of dollars per year to recommend their wonky, overpriced software.

so I suggest and demonstrate a one click solution for Setting Up and Configuring Mautic

I have tried clickfunnels and lt was buggy, their support teams was always on point I have to admit…

but being honest they are overpriced! I knew I needed a ClickFunnels alternative… Yes, there is a little bit more involved in getting your funnel started, but its FREE and you can use this until you have enough income to afford Landingi and ThriveCart.

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