What Is The Best Audience Size For Facebook Advertising? Does Audience Size Even Matter?

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Trying to figure out what the best audience size is for your Facebook advertising campaign? Tired of finding conflicting thoughts on this question? This video holds the truth to the best audience size for Facebook ads.

Since posting my recent video about the ad set level split test I did on my Facebook ads ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fnv–sKnPLk ) one question has come up again and again in the comments…

“Miles, what is the best audience size for an ad set?”

In my personal and professional opinion… This is the wrong question to ask.

As you find in this video, I don’t care about the actual size of the audience when it comes to Facebook advertising. My focus is mainly on the relevance of that audience and more specifically how relevant are their needs, goals, desires, challenges, frustrations and problems to the free offer I’m giving away via my opt in page?

From my data, there is no statistical difference on cost per lead or cost per new customer acquisition from Facebook ads from small audiences versus large audiences.

Now, there are definitely more potential customers in a larger audience than there are in a smaller audience… But if that larger audience is less relevant to my niche, my audience, and their needs… It will be a more expensive avenue for my advertising dollars.

Currently I have audiences in the 25,000 person range all the way up to 1.2 million+ people that are both converting a great average cost per lead.

I get weary of “Facebook advertising experts” who use very definitive “rules” about audience sizes and metrics of the sort.

With my Facebook advertising experiences I have seen many friends be very successful with Facebook ads run in a very different way than I’m running my ads. If you watch this interview, where I interviewed a friend who runs Facebook ads for his business in New Zealand… You will notice he uses a very different approach than I do and he’s hyper successful!

Here is that video interview of the Facebook advertising Pro, Ben in New Zealand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiI5SNlpXCc

The biggest similarity in his approach with my approach is the fact that we focus mainly on hyper targeted and hyper relevant audiences… Which is exactly my point in this video, today.

I encourage you to focus more on the relevance of the audience your selecting. And more specifically, their goals, needs, desires, challenges, problems and fears… In regards to your free offer and the solutions that you deliver for your customers.

Getting your advertisement in front of the right audience is the most important part of the game. The size of that audience is much less important than the relevance!

Now, the way that audience size does come into play with Facebook advertising is in the question of “how high can I scale this daily ad budget to this audience?”

My rule of thumb is that you can spend one dollar per day per 1000 people in an audience… So an audience that has 27,000 people I would be comfortable scaling to about $27 per day if it is proving to drive leads and customers within my KPIs.

For an audience with 750,000 people I would be comfortable spending up to $750 per day if the audience is delivering me leads and customers within KPIs.

A quick note on this larger audience example I gave you here, I would probably increase to that level over the course of several weeks with many small incremental increases along the way. Every time I increase the budget on an ad set I pause for two or three days in order to monitor the health of that ad set because Facebook likes to spend your money and will eventually deliver the same amount of leads for more money at some scaling point.

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