What setbacks have YOU had and how did you come through the other side?

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I am sharing with you, on my Facebook Live broadcast about setbacks. What setbacks you’ve had and how you came through the other side.

Share what has happened to you that has given you a setback and made you think you can’t deal with it.

Have you questioned yourself with the setback you have had? Has it made you second-guess or overthink? Have you put yourself down?

You story is blank ahead of you…you can write whatever you want and design your days. The pages ahead of you are blank for you to write whatever you want. Those pages don’t have on them about you beating yourself up, having a ago at yourself, having lots of things on your shoulders and putting yourself down. (negativity)

Life is a train journey and you’re always moving forward so don’t allow a setback to throw you off course. Stay on target.

Negativity drains you like a mobile phone and you’ll have to kind of charge yourself up again and again. The negative makes you appreciate your positive. Always have gratitude.

Always expand your mind, knowledge and skills. Don’t let any setback set you back 10yrs. This is not your endgame.

You can’t rewind or change anything that’s already happened. Setbacks could be a divorce, business issue or life too.

You’re always learning daily – every day is a school day.

Don’t be consumed with hatred and horrible things – it’s how you handle them. Control yourself and don’t react. Take a step back and don’t put anything negative on social media. Keep it real but don’t rant about setbacks and negativity.

If you are given a brickwall (problem/setback) get round it, through it, under and over it.x

Work on your MINDSET! #keepgoingalways #mindset #rebeccaadamsbiz

Watch this video to learn some hints and tips – Enjoy this Facebook LIVE broadcast.

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