Why I Am Not All-In On Facebook Advertising & Why You Shouldn’t Be Either. Plus What I Am All-In On!

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Are you all in on Facebook advertising? Starting to wonder if Facebook advertising is going to be profitable, long-term? Is are very important questions if you desire to build a truly sustainable business online!

This video shares my personal take on why I’m not all in on Facebook advertising… And why I recommend that you don’t go all in on Facebook advertising, either.

There definitely is an argument to be made for the power of Facebook advertising, but the data used for that argument may be old news. At some point the cost per lead, cost per click, cost per impression on Facebook will price out many of the smaller advertisers.

This is because big businesses with multibillion-dollar advertising budgets will continue to move into the Facebook advertising space effectively destroying businesses that are built on arbitrage doing Facebook clicks and sales.

If you been in the Internet marketing game long enough you will notice that this is the exact same cycle that Google ad words experienced, years ago.

Even Gary Vaynerchuk continues to brag about his five cent clicks for the keyword “wine” back in the day. Now he is very nonromantic about the fact that that same click would cost nine dollars.

This is the exact direction Facebook advertising platform is going… The only question is when will the prices get to a point that you cannot afford conversions from Facebook advertising anymore?

The question is not if! It is when.

This is why I recommend everyone is building an authority based website in order to become an expert in their niche. This is how you get sought out for advice, services, product recommendations, etc.

When you have achieved this level of expert status, the entire Internet marketing, and online entrepreneurship game gets easy.

But there are so many fake gurus out there promoting how easy Facebook ads are to make money with… But the numbers are beginning to change. And as we enter the fourth quarter when many corporations dump the rest of their 2017 advertising budget in for the holiday season, we will be seeing new levels of competition on Facebook ads that we’ve ever seen before.

My goal this video is not to create fear, but to help you understand the reality of the situation.

If you are already building an authority website, great… It is worth all of your time and energy!

If you have not yet begun building an authority based website, now is the time to start… If you’re getting leads and customers from Facebook within your key performance indicators, great! Keep that going to, and simply begin to invest a little bit of your time and budget towards authority site creation in addition to Facebook advertising.

If you’re finding the Facebook advertising game to be more difficult than expected and you’re not able to get leads and customers within your KPIs, building an authority site is my personal recommendation for growing a successful business online.

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