Why I decided to offer a Monthly Meetup to help you.

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I am talking to you, in this Facebook LIVE broadcast, (recorded in March 2017) about why I decided to do a monthly meetup.

A lot of people can’t go to networking events, you work from home and you don’t have a team with you, you work on your own etc – so I decided to do a monthly meetup to get hints, tips and advice from everyone else. Meet up with like-minded people and mingle with others and see what golden nuggets you can grab from others.

Other people and insights can help you with a lot of things for your life and business. A lot of events can be out there but people can’t drive or can’t attend these other events as they may have small kids, cost a lot of money to get to these events and if you’re on the school run it may be quite difficult for you to attend them.

The monthly meetups are very informal and relaxed. It’s all about you! Come to the monthly meetup with an issue you may need help with and then let’s work on you and your business whilst you’re here.

Enjoy this video and let me know your thoughts. Share with your friends.x

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