Why You Should Never Buy Facebook Fans

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My Facebook fan page has over 900,000 fans. And you know what I wish I never had 900,000 fans.

The reason I have them is because I bought them through Facebook ads.

I spent roughly $400,000 on Facebook ads for fan page growth and post boosting. When I was spending money on Facebook at one point I was getting well over 100,000 visitors a month.

Now I am lucky if I get 15,000 visitors a month from my fan page.


Because Facebook keeps tightening up their algorithm which makes it harder to fan pages to reach their fans.

Although you shouldn’t use Facebook ads for buying fans you should use Facebook ads to promote your product or service. Assuming it is cash flow positive, it is a much better ROI than Facebook ads.

Learn from my experience, don’t waste money on buying fans, it just doesn’t work well anymore.

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